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Crooked teeth are only one aspect of why teeth don’t look right in the first place. Sometimes it is the shape of the teeth, sometimes the size of them. Sometimes it is the unevenness or the ill health of the gums that make a smile unattractive.

Sometimes they have worn unevenly due to grinding at night. Knowing the cause of the grinding and dealing with that is something that should be considered as it can point towards other serious chronic health issues. Sometimes the teeth are plainly just the wrong colour.

Not only do we straighten teeth, we make the shape of them better. Often, due to abnormal wear, the teeth can still look wrong once they are straightened.

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Each have their pros and cons but you will be walked through the various options so you can decide the best form of treatment for you or your child. It is important to understand that not one treatment is suited to everyone. It could be metal braces, white braces, inside behind the teeth braces, clear aligners such as Invisalign, Spring retainers, expansion plates, jaw positioning devices, porcelain veneers, composite bonding, whitening or a combination of these things.

We use a range of different treatments and techniques to correct the position and shape of the teeth to suit your objective and budget.



“Smiles are important to me. I believe you can live a happier life if you are confident with your appearance.

I do what I do because I love seeing the change in someone’s life when I change their smile. I love seeing their confidence appear. I love seeing them happy.”

Dr Stephen Pohan


What if your next orthodontic appointment could take place anywhere?

Now you can keep track of your treatment progress, anywhere, anytime...

Dr Stephen Pohan has incorporated Dental Monitoring technology into his practice to improve the patient experience, reduce the number of appointments and overall treatment duration.



  • FAQ

    What age groups do you treat? Am I too old to receive treatment?

    Age is not a barrier for treatment. I have treated patients as old as 70. There are other issues that can restrict treatment.

    What is the best age to treat children?

    It is not the chronological age that matter rather than when the teeth erupt, as this can be different for each child. It is best to bring your child in as early as possible for an assessment for future planning.

    What is your procedure?

    We initially schedule a 15 min consultation. This is a general discussion and it’s free. If you want to take it further we make an appointment to gather some personal data. This includes taking a series of photographs, impressions of your teeth and some xrays.  We charge $200 for this which includes a detailed consultation specific to your situation.

    Do you have payment plans?

    Depending upon the treatment, payment plans can spread over the length of the treatment time.

    Are you a specialist?

    No. I have a strong interest in this field and have been providing orthodontic treatments since 1985. I have worked in 2 orthodontic practices in Melbourne over 7 years, attended numerous orthodontic continuing education courses and successfully treated hundreds of patients.

    Are there any alternatives to metal braces to straighten teeth?

    There are different options and these will depend upon the treatment needed to fix your problem. Everyone is different and a personalised program will be designed to suit your situation.

    I don’t like the gaps between my teeth. Can braces close these gaps?

    Yes, they can but that may not look good if your teeth are too small for your face. Veneers or edge bonding might be a better option. An analysis and mock up will show you.

    How long does the treatment take?

    Obviously, this depends upon your problem and the treatment chosen to fix it. If composite bonding is your best option, it could be over in a matter of hours. Orthodontic braces could be on for 12-18 months and a combination of braces and veneers could be 6 months.

    Do you have evening appointments?


    Do I need a referral?

    No. No referral is needed. Just call 6349 1166 to make a free consultation appointment.

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What if your next orthodontic appointment could take place anywhere?