At our practice we pride ourselves on delivering pain free dentistry. We have been using computer controlled Local Anaesthetic delivery system for 9 years. This, in conjunction with numbing gel, is an extremely gentle method of giving local anaesthetic where patients do not feel a thing.

    We have all the latest equipment and knowledge with our staff and practitioners regularly traveling interstate and overseas to continue their professional development keeping our practice at the fore front of the up and coming in our profession.

    We only offer ‘tooth coloured’ fillings when fixing cavities. We have a very extensive colour system matching every tooth to their exact shade making the filling almost impossible to recognise.


  • Hygiene

    Hygiene is a large focus at our practice and as we all know… ‘prevention is better than a cure’ (and cheaper too). We encourage all our patients to have regular check ups and cleans with our Dentists and Hygienists; these appointments can prevent you from needing expensive restorative work in the future.

    Our hygienist’s are specifically trained to assess and treat your gums to restore them to their optimum health.  The gums act as foundations for your teeth, just as it is important to maintain the foundations of a house so too is it crucial in maintaining the health of your gums.

    A typical check up appointment consists of:

    Scale and Cleaning

    provided by the Hygienist. Soft plaque and hard tartar is removed and teeth polish smooth.

    Intraoral X-rays
    view the parts of the teeth which cannot be seen like under existing fillings and in between teeth.

    OPG (full mouth x-ray)
    provides a general assessment of the surrounding structures. Bone levels, boney abnormalities, nasal and sinus cavities and  wisdom teeth assessments. When taken in conjunction with intra-oral x-rays, this x-ray is generally covered by Medicare. Full mouth x-rays are also reported on by specialist radiologist.

    Once the Hygienist has collaborated the above information the dentist will come in and do an examination with close reference to the x-rays to look for any decay or gum disease. A dental chart is created each appointment which documents existing and required treatments.

    Based upon this examination, regular check ups at intervals between 3 months to 18 months will be suggested. If you would like to book in a check up or have any questions regarding the appointment please feel free to contact our office by phone or this website.


    People of all ages are interested in having straight teeth. Children at the age of 6 can benefit from having an assessment to help families plan for their future treatment. Sometimes early intervention can prevent the need for braces. We also have patient’s with braces in their 50’s and 60’s and even a 70 year old. It is never too late.

    The basis of straight teeth is the boney foundation. Many cases of crooked teeth have an underlying soft tissue (tongue and lips) issue which effects bone development and as a result, puts teeth in undesirable positions. The position of the bone and teeth reflects the shape of your face and your profile. Extracting teeth can worsen or enhance your facial features. In general, most people in our demographic fair better to be treated without extractions. However, each one is assessed on an individual basis.

    The development of the bone and teeth has been shown to have a link to the quality of sleep. Neuro-developmental conditions such are ADHD have a direct link to Obstructive Sleep Apnea. To assess your situation, moulds of your teeth are taken and digitally converted along with a series of photographs. 2 X-rays are also taken to help the assessment but sometimes a 3D x-ray is taken instead.

    It must be stressed that we are not a specialist orthodontic practice. We are a general dental practice that is serious about giving the best orthodontic treatment to our patients. We encourage all patients considering orthodontics to get as many opinions are possible and then decide on the treatment that best suits them.

    Dr Pohan’s interest in orthodontics stretches back to 1986 when he worked at 2 orthodontic practices in Melbourne. He continues to update his knowledge regularly with seminars and conferences around Australia.


    Cosmetic dentistry is one of the fastest growing branches in dentistry today, our practitioners are often attending professional development courses to enhance their knowledge in this area. Our dentists are passionate with keeping up to date with the latest products and techniques to give you that smile you have always wanted.

    Our practice has the latest in dental technologies from around the world with the aim to provide our patients with quality care.

    We use only the finest materials to get the exact colour you need to make your tooth look as it should. We are also fortunate enough to work with some of the finest laboratories in Australia to custom design crowns, veneers and bridges to suit you and you only.

    One of our most prized possessions here at our practice is our CEREC machine which our dentist can use to custom make porcelain crowns on site so that the whole procedure can be completed within two hours making it much more convenient for our patients.



    A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed in the jawbone to support either a porcelain tooth or a bridge. The success rate for implants is very high and it is the closest thing to having your own tooth.

    It is surprisingly a short and painless procedure and it is easily done under a local anaesthetic. The titanium implant takes 3-6 months to fuse to the bone making it rock solid. Once the bone has attached to the implant, it will be ready to have a crown or bridge fitting and it is very hard to tell it is not your own tooth. Sometimes it is possible to place the crown immediately at the same time the implant is placed.

    It is important to understand that you don’t necessarily have to have one implant per tooth that you want replaced. Sometimes 2 teeth can be supported with one implant. We have a modern procedure whereby a whole full arch can be supported with just 4 implants. This is called a Nobelbiocare All-on-4 procedure. An entire full denture can be replaced with this technique and is popular for people with a full lower denture.

    Before an implant can be placed, a specialised 3D x-ray is taken to ensure there is enough bone to hold the implant. We are very fortunate to have these xray facilities at our clinic making diagnosis of implants very quick and simple for our patients.

  • X-RAYS

    Dental x-rays are a crucial element for the dentists and hygienists to determine what is happening in your mouth and what sort of treatments you may need. Often these vital tools show us things that we just cannot see without them.

    We are lucky enough to have the facilities to do several types of dental x-rays which range from intra-oral xrays such as general check x-rays which look for decay or single tooth x-rays which are often used to diagnose things like tooth aches. We also have the facilities to take extra-oral x-rays which range from OPG, Lateral Cephs which are 2D images of both the upper and lower jaws to 3D images which can be of one tooth or the whole mouth.

    We are very conscious of delivering the lowest dose possible to get the best image possible. We also only ever recommended x-rays when they are absolutely necessary. If you are concerned about dosages we are able to discuss this with you and give you information about dosages in regards to dental images.


    We understand that dentures are a very personal appliance as they can change the aesthetics of a person’s face and provide them with a level of comfort both physically and emotionally.

    We do not deal with dentures at this practice as it is more cost effect for you to be seen directly by a dental prosthetist. We can refer you to several excellent prosthetists in our area so please feel free to discuss this with us as we know how important it is to have a well-fitting denture.

  • Airway health & tooth grinding

    Our dentists and hygienist team are trained to screen our patients for signs of airway issues that may be causing Sleep Disordered Breathing. This can range from snoring to full blown obstructive sleep apnea, which can have impacts on your teeth, general health as well as quality of life. Tooth grinding can have many causes but one of them is disturbed sleep and sleep disordered breathing.

    If any of the above concerns you, we would be happy to discuss this further. We can also discuss any sleep study results you may already have and whether they have any bearing on your current dental health.

    Specially trained dentists can also be involved with the treatment for tooth grinding, snoring and sleep apnea in some cases. We work with specialised labs to ensure that any Oral Appliances made for you will be as comfortable as possible and more importantly, effective!

  • Lip & Tongue ties

    Dr Pohan and Dr Singh have undergone extensive training to be able to offer assessment and treatment for lip and tongue restrictions. Our staff are compassionate and understanding towards parents that may be having a stressful time and strive to provide  relaxing and private experience. We use laser technology for treatment and provide extensive post-operative support to achieve the best outcomes.

    We initially began offering this treatment in response to a growing needed in our community and offer parents a more easily accessible service, however, with further professional development we understand how this issue can even affect older children as well as adults. We are passionate about a holistic approach to dental care and are happy to have a chat about it all!


“Smiles are important to me. I believe you can live a happier life if you are confident with your appearance.

I do what I do because I love seeing the change in someone’s life when I change their smile. I love seeing their confidence appear. I love seeing them happy.”

Dr Stephen Pohan



Don’t look at the negative, Find the positive




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